Friday, June 17, 2016

CTMH Convention - Roomie Gift

With Convention just around to corner I wanted to share this cute roomie gift I made for my "SBFF"  Scrapbooking Best Friend Forever!!!

Natalie and I meet for the first time at the Rochester Regional Celebrate, we've been travelling to CTMH events even since.  I really didn't expect to meet such a wonderful friend but I did, and for that I am very thankful.

I've picked up on a few of Nat travelling must have over the years. She loves having all of her paperwork in order and printed.  She usually travels with those plain double pocket file folder.

I though for this trip I'd jazz it up CTMH style.

I know the tradition is to exchange roomie gift the first night when you arrive at the event. It's a great ice breaker when meeting Consultants for the first time and you get to share what you love doing with like minded people.

The front pocket is big enough to hold your passport, itinerary (I'll get back to that in a minute) and a pen.  You always need a pen when travelling.

 Another thing Nat like to do is send me a full itinerary of all planned activities by day by location.  You'll usually notice lots of shopping LOL..... After the trip,  I use her itinerary when creating my scrapbooking pages, it's a great reference for journaling.  

The itinerary is small enough to carry separately once the initial registration stuff is all done.

I glued to double pocket file folders together creating a middle pocket in the centre.  The pocket can hold small tags, tickets, memorabilia items.etc...  Plus you get four distinct spots to hold your printed paperwork.   

I delivered her travelling folder this week,  I know she'll want to print all of her paper and get ready for the big day.  I can't wait to go and share this awesome experience with Nat and all of my CTMH sisters.  

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Nancy Ball said...

This is great, Julie. Have fun at convention!