Saturday, August 29, 2015

Family Command Center

I don't know about you but with two kids in school, a full time job, planning scrapbooking workshops;  things get busy.  Most days, I don't know if I'm coming or going. My husband wants to post notes on the fridge and I just hate that idea.  Sorry Honey....  We can get organized in a stylish way.

I was flying back home from a business trip and just happen to be watching the Marilyn Denis Show, this was my inspiration to create my very own Family Command Center.

First you need to pick an area in the home, a centralized area is best. I found that a 16x20 frame is the perfect size for a monthly calendar.  It needs to be big enough to write on.

I bought a standard illustration board and cut it down to size, this will serve as the base for my calendar.  Then using Cricut Design Space and the CTMH Artiste cartridge, I designed my calendar and weekly reminder frames.
CTMH Family Command Center - Julie Carriere
Monthly Calendar
CTMH Family Command Center - Julie Carriere
Weekly Reminders

You may not have the wall space to create all of these but the idea is to have a common area to write notes for everyone.  I would have liked to create 8x10 frames per family member but my wall space is limited.

You can make these which ever colour you prefer. You may want to match your current colour scheme to make them more appealing.  I tried to keep it simple, since we'll be write reminder notes on the glass front, you don't want a super busy background.  Let's put this calendar together...

Useful tip:

Keep the negative cut piece of cardstock. I used it as my spacer template to adhere all of the rectangles.
CTMH Family Command Center - Julie Carriere

CTMH Family Command Center - Julie Carriere
Can you image trying to measure and align all of these rectangles. Using the template was very efficient and easy. :-)

Here's the finish calendar, using a dry erase marker I can keep track of all monthly appointments, birthdays you name it.  I found the BiC Magic Marker - Dry Erase worked the best.
CTMH Family Command Center - Julie Carriere

This is in my main corridor, the thermostat and switch were always to main focus not anymore.  I hope this will help train my kid to be more organized and keep track of their homework schedule.  I'll know this is a success when they start adding their own activities and refer to it.  
CTMH Family Command Center - Julie Carriere
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Lisa Jarvis said...

Great idea! You've inspired me to create my own!