Sunday, May 4, 2014

Balloon Ride Workshop

Workshop Layout 1 - featured in the workshop kit - the cutting pattern from the MIFYH vol. 2 (p.10)

Assembling details:
  • can be found in the workshop guide or in the MIFYH vol.2 (p.10)

Workshop Layout 2 - Dana Kessler Scraptabulous Designs

This layout was inspired by Dana Kessler.

Stamping Instructions

• Stamp heart image along piece, the image will overlap on the piece. Using Saddle ink.
• Stamp corner bracket image on the upper right side of the base page, using Saddle ink.

  Workshop Layout 3 - Dana Kessler Scraptabulous Designs
Stamping Instructions

• Stamp corner bracket along piece, flip image between each time, using Saddle.
• Stamp sentiment above the photo on the left, using Saddle.

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