Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monthly Hostess Club ~ January 2011

Well I guess you can say that we are starting the year off with a bang!  This workshop is extra special, not only will we be completing the featured MAGNIFIQUE layout but we'll also do the very special CTMH exclusive Flip Flap workshop layout.  So, if you've got LOTS of photos this one is for you.  On one double page spread you can fit 24 glorious photos.

The featured layout from the WOTG ~ MAGNIFIQUE  is from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  I just couldn't believe how perfect the colours matched my photos, these are 6 year old photos BTW.  I didn't dress-up my girls to match the paper but I've been known to do just that *Ü*
 This layout is from the CTMH ~MAGIC book, by repeating this layout three (3) times and strategically cutting your pages, you can turn this into a very inter-active layout.  The Flip Flaps are absolutely wonderful for this application.  Its not easy to shown how great this really is in photos.  The first photo is the base layout.  You need to re-create this twice on two other cardstock bases using the front and back.  Then by cutting the left page at the edge between the light colour B&T paper and the Pacifica cardstock you create a flap.  The right page is cut down the middle creating two flaps one top and one bottom.  Here you see the insides only.

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