Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cards worth Blogging

Every year I give and receive lots of cards, I guess it’s the nature of my Hobby (business).  This year I received two very special cards I’d like to share.  The first card was created by my CTMH~BFF.  Not only is this card beautiful but it was HER favorite one.  She knew I would keep if forever…

 Card created by:  Natalie Racine 

The second card was from my life long BFF.  I laughed out loud and called her after opening it.  Christmas is about spending time with the special people in your life, I’m so very blessed.


I miss those lazy days of sitting around with a bottle of wine or was in Corona and just Chillin'...  Life surely gets busy but you know what they say:  "It's the thought that counts"!

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