Monday, August 10, 2009

The Great Catty Capper!

It goes without saying never ever mess with another consultant's catties on delivery today. You see, Wendy and I were splitting on the new CTMH Fall/Winter 2009 catty order. It's amazing what I'll do to get my hands on the new catties.
It all started with one little e-mail from Wendy:
Hey Julie, just a note to say we’re having a great time on our vacation and we decided to stay one extra day.   I’ll be in town by Friday, you can pick-up your catties anytime after 7:00pm see you then…..
Friday…. Friday but the catties will be sitting there on Thursday after-noon and all alone all night, this isn’t right. I need to save them!!!  So the scheming began.

The scary thing is that it really didn’t take that long to come up with this brilliant idea…  I was laughing to myself at my computer while typing away!

As if she needed proof but these photos will make a great scrapbooking page.  Before proceeding with my plan.  I called Natalie from Wendy’s driveway and asked:  “So, you think she’ll laugh?”  Maybe I shouldn’t do this but the catties are there just waiting to be opened!

The note read: 
I have your 100 catties bring one bottle of wine or I’ll start feeding them one by one to the sheep!

Oh! Yah! Baby! I did it but before taking the two boxes I went over the Wendy’s neighbour to see if Wendy had asked her to pick-up the two boxes.
I introduced myself as a CTMH colleague and I was playing a prank on Wendy.  I remember saying  “Don’t worry I left a ransom note she’ll know it was me.” Wendy’s neighbour looked I little worried but said nothing….. I felt like the Grinch, I took the boxes and drove off. 
All day I was waiting for the phone to ring and by 8:00pm it finally did!!!
OMG, for a split moment I thought that's it , Wendy will never speak to me again.  I got in my car to take the catties back to their rightful home.
Here’s to a great sport. Poor Wendy, after being stuck in traffic for more than 4 hours with two very tired kids.  The only thing that kept her going was the thought of arriving home to those new Idea Books.
She got more then she bargained for! I’m still waiting for that bottle of wine...

Watch out December is just around the corner, you’ll never know when the SHEEP will strike again…. Baaaaaa! Thank-you Wendy for being such a good sport, I'll try to behave went the next ones come around. Can't promise ;-)

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