Saturday, August 29, 2009

Emergency Backpack Kit

When I saw this cute little backpack, I just had to make one.  My daughter was really proud to give this to her teacher and the teacher loved it!

Inside the backpack inlcuded the following note, with one of each item listed below:

Emergency Backpack Kit... to help you survive teaching
Toothpick ~ to help you pick out the good qualities in your students
Kisses ~ for when you need them
Eraser ~ to remind you everyone makes mistakes
Rubberband ~ to remind you to be flexible
String ~ to ties things together when everything falls apart
Marbles ~ to replace the ones you`ve lost (I`ve enclosed an extra, you may need it later).
Lifesaver candy ~ you are a lifesaver to many of your students
Paperclip ~ to hold it all together
And Tylenol for those extra hard days, we all have them….

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