Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calgary ~ Regional Celebration 2009

I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things, relocating ones family is not an easy task. Most of my close friend will agree that I usually take on more then the average girl. I’m a busy body; it’s funny because I don’t think of myself as one but looking back now, it has been an extremely busy winter and spring is shaping to be the same.

Back in January Natalie my CTMH-BFF asked me to join her at our CTMH Canadian Regional Celebration. I though for sure we’d be done the renovations by that point and some time away would be just what the doctor ordered. Well January soon turned into April and we were still in the middle of major renovations but one thing remained the same. I truly needed some time away from it all. What better way to do so than by sharing with other CTMH colleagues and getting the chance to meet our CEO Jeanette Lynton.

My time away was amazing; it gave me that extra little something to just go on; both personally and as a CTMH consultant. Not only did a get the chance to meet Jeanette but I actually got a big hug from her. She is truly a remarkable woman.

This was my second Regional Celebration, the first being Rochester in 2007. The smaller venue gave me a chance to meet the corporate team. Their enthusiasm and level of energy is quite commendable. We crying, we laugh and we created amazing artwork throughout our two days. I left home with a suitcase full of goodies and beautiful artwork to share with my client back in Ottawa. Not to mention new found friends and colleagues. This trip only confirmed what I already knew. I was at the right place with the right people. Which made me proud, to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

Here are to very different layouts made during our Create & Take sessions, the first one is very girly and I’m all about the girly stuff as you know. (Mostly cause I have two of them).


Layout pattern: Imagine book ~ Dynamic Duo

This second layout is done using the new Back Country pp and the new workshop on the go. This was my first time working with the WOTG concept and I must say, where are GREAT!

Layout title: GONE FISHIN

Layout pattern: Exclusive ~ August WOTG

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