Saturday, November 15, 2008

Calendar Page ~ October/November

OMG!!!! My life is under going major changes, like people say: "Change is good!" It's just happened way too fast. It all started on October 19th, a Real Estate Person knocked on our door and simply asked: " Would you like to sell your home?" and to that I said: " You need to find me one first."

Well, she did!!!!! I remember telling my husband it's just three houses, as if we're going to like one of them. We did, this house is great, I'll have room to teach my workshop right at home.

The last 3 weeks have been crazy, talking to lawyers, bankers, contractors etc.. We had one week to stage our home and put it up for sell. Oh! yeah! and replace the roof, and paint and and.... It's funny how we live with imperfection but when selling your home everything needs to be done.

We managed to celebrate Halloween with the girls... My scrapbooking room has never looked so clean. Makes it hard to work on projects.

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