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The Consultant Opportunity
There is a place for everyone at CTMH and on my team! Being a CTMH Consultant is as individual and unique as you are. People join for many different reasons; you may have goals similar to the ones listed below.

• SHORT-TERM CONSULTANT: Sells for a short period of time to earn a specified amount of money or create a specific project then stops when the goal is reached.

• HOBBYIST CONSULTANT: Likes the idea of buying lots of products for personal use at a discount and occasionally sells to friends and family. (This was me in 2006)

• TEACHING CONSULTANT: Loves doing workshops and classes and earning extra money; by holding monthly workshops or by offering crops/retreats on a quarterly base. This gives you the flexibility to stabilize a monthly work flow or concentrate your time a one particular event per quarter. You benefit from the 22% discount every step of the way. (This is me now)

• CAREER CONSULTANT: Views CTMH as a viable business with long-term career potential, start the day knowing you are your own boss! Wants to move up the career ladder, build a strong team. Regularly attends CTMH events and has developed close social relationships with other Consultants; works at her business in a consistent manner.

I’m sure you have lots more questions, before you sign-up.

How much does it cost to get started?
The New Consultant kit costs just $95 CAD plus tax and shipping, and has a retail value of $244! You receive all the essential business tools you need to get started—in a handy organizer—PLUS $60 in FREE Select Product Credit so you can choose your own creative products. It’s a great value on the tools you need, with free credit toward the fun products you want!

How much is the shipping cost for the kit?
The shipping is a flat rate of $20CAD

So what’s in the kit?
click the photo for more details
close to my heart consultant kit

What are the minimum sales requirements?
To stay active as a Consultant you will need to sell a minimum of $300 per quarter. Most Consultants find that this goal can be reached in one or two workshops per quarter. You can host a gathering “real or virtual on-line” and your own purchases count too!

What if I decide it’s not for me; will I be penalized if I stop? Do I need to return the kit?
The kit is yours to keep. Simply stop placing orders. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements, you will no longer be an active consultant. No penalties, no questions asked. And you can keep the kit; it’s yours, no strings attached.

What are the incentives? Can I earn additional FREE products?
There are so many perks with this business; I don’t know where to start! Here are just a few!

•Yes! You are immediately eligible for the Straight To The Top Program, with the chance to earn exclusive products in your first 90 days. There are three levels in the program, with rewards given at each level based on your personal sales. If you reach all three levels by the deadline dates, you will receive the following free products: three exclusive business builder stamp sets, an adorable “On the Go” bag, a trendy heart dangle, a Close To My Heart logo t-shirt, and a bonus for hitting all three levels which is an organizer filled with $175 in free products!
• The ability to be your own “hostess” and earn FREE hostess sets and products on your own personal orders.
• You can work to achieve the annual incentive trip… the company gives you many opportunities do to so.

How will I make money as a Consultant?
• Consultants enjoy a discount of 22%-35% pending monthly sales.
• Additionally, you can earn up to $75 in FREE select product credits each and every month.
• Senior Directors and above also earn an additional 5%-15% of personal override commission ON TOP of their regular commission and even more product credit! Your earning potential is unlimited.

Where do I get ideas for my workshops?
• CTMH has many resources for Consultants, including the Idea Books
• Online: Bulletin boards for: artwork, business, templates, swaps, mentoring and more
• Gathering projects including: supply list, required tools, cutting guide and assembly instructions
• Pre-designed workshops for both cards and scrapbooking
• CTMH You Tube Channel
• Jeanette Lynton Blog
• and MY personal workshop •READY•TO•GO•PROJECT•efiles

Does CTHM offer additional event training?
Absolutely! They host a fabulous annual Convention which is full of product reveals, artwork inspiration and business training. They also offer an assortment of local events, leadership meetings, Album Retreats, and more. In addition to these incredible events, you also have the opportunity to earn our awesome annual incentive trip for you and a guest—free!

Where can I go for additional support?
• A 24/7 Consultant website
• A 1-800 number that you can call if you have questions
• An entire listening library
• Various Facebook groups exclusive to Consultants
• Various Pinterest boards
• Email or call “ME” directly

How do I promote my business?

• All Consultants automatically get a FREE website, so your friends and customers can place online order 24 hours a day!
• CTMH also provides all Consultants with FREE monthly newsletter you can customize. This is a wonderful communicate tools you can share with your customers.
• Consultant locator by city

How do you sign up?
• Visit my website
• Fill out an application ***be sure to enter “Julie Carriere” when prompted to choose your upline***.  Your kit will be on its way to you within be next 10 days.

What will you get from TheScrapZone?
If you'd like to earn lots of FREE products and love paper crafting this is the place for you!  This is a great community of crafters.  You will always be the first to see all the new products, have fun colleagues to travel and scrap with plus as my first downline you will have access to my library of workshop •READY•TO•GO•PROJECT•efiles for FREE.  These projects will help your with your own business or you can simply create these wonderful projects without having to design them from scratch.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and I know you will, too. One of the reasons I love it so much is because of the friendships I’ve made. My CTMH sister Natalie is my SFF “Scrapbooking Friend Forever!”
I would not have met her if it wasn’t for CTMH. I hope I have answered some of your questions, thanks for stopping by!

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