Monday, January 6, 2014

The transformation of my Baby Album

It all starts with those sticky photos albums you now the ones.  Well in time, that sticky backing can really damage your photos.  These are original photos and they are now very dry, so pulling them off will be tricky.

My first attempt to re-create my Baby album started about 12 years ago.  I didn't now too much about scrapbooking and the only source of inspiration were books and the Michaels craft store .  I was introduced to CM, their tools and the art of preserving memories was definitely a step in the right direction.  I was encouraged to be bold and use my original photos.  So, I started cutting them in circles, ovals, using fancy scissors, oh dear!  


Needless to say these were all originals and looking at them now, I really don't like the circles. So now what?

One more thing, I was working with a 4x4 photo format. I felt limited and I couldn't get inspired, what was I missing?

I wasn't going to give up, I was looking for a source of information, inspiration and innovating designs that would stand the test of time.  I moved on to a scrapbooking philosophy created by Jeanette Lynton the Founder and CEO of Close to my Heart.  I love the papers, the embellishments but most of all I love the support.  Close to my Heart has help me grow and learn awesome new techniques.  I love how Jeanette will always try new things but the fundamentals remain the same.  Understanding the importance of memory keeping.

I'm going to keep these circles, as a reminder to be bold and try new things. But in the future, my originals will have a date with my scanner.  Unlike, my kids I have about 20 or so photos to preserve for my entire Baby album.  We now take 20 pictures per day and that's just of them eating ice cream.

I will finish this album, as I move on and explore a fun way to preserve and create the great pages. Look what you can do using the Cricut Craftroom Room and the Artbooking cartridge.

Using the Artbooking cartridge, you can load your virtual Cricut mat and play with your pieces until you get it just right.  No more wasting cardstock or paper.  By adding each piece on it's own layer starting from the bottom up you can see the almost finished product.

One last thing.  I'm using a retired CTMH 9x9 Album, remember I don't have allot of photos and they are small.  I started this CCR project at the standard size 12x12.  Once I was finished I selected the entire page and sized it to 9x9.  Pretty cool, right!  You don't need to do this but you can.

You can also play with the colours, I'm using Garden Green, Smokey Plum, Bamboo and New England Ivy.  I modified the layer colours to see what it would look like.  Again pretty cool.

So don't be afraid to grow and learn new things. By scanner my originals and playing in the CCR using my Artbooking cartridge, I now feel confident that this Baby Album will come together nicely.

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