Sunday, March 18, 2012

Florentine Workshop on to Go ~ Hostess Club

Spring is in the air, why not scrapbook you vacation or summer photos.  This is my take on the FLORENTINE, workshop on the go.  The featured layout was done up in Twilight cardstock bases.
2012 03 17_1561_edited-1
Extra product for this layout:
  • Brown buttons from the Basic Assortment
  • Embroidery floss Autumn Terracotta
  • Opaques Adhersive Gems ~ Mocha
  • Two sheets of Twilight cardstock
This second layout is from the Spring/Summer Idea Book page 52.  I added a little inter-active Magic.
2012 03 17_1559_edited-1
For more details, please see additional instructions in the Magic book on page 118-119.
2012 03 17_15572012 03 17_1556_edited-1
This last layout was completed with the Garden Green cardstock originally supplied in the WOTG kit.
2012 03 18_1563_edited-1
Extra product for this layout:
  • Timeless Charms
  • Bohemian Assortment 
  • Embroidery floss Olive

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Brandi said...

Hi Julie,

I love your work and your creativity. I have awarded you the Liebster Award witch is for blogs with less than 200 followers. You can get all of the information at my blog

Your work is great and I am truly inspired!