Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cards worth Blogging

Every year I give and receive lots of cards, I guess it’s the nature of my Hobby (business).  This year I received two very special cards I’d like to share.  The first card was created by my CTMH~BFF.  Not only is this card beautiful but it was HER favorite one.  She knew I would keep if forever…

 Card created by:  Natalie Racine 

The second card was from my life long BFF.  I laughed out loud and called her after opening it.  Christmas is about spending time with the special people in your life, I’m so very blessed.


I miss those lazy days of sitting around with a bottle of wine or was in Corona and just Chillin'...  Life surely gets busy but you know what they say:  "It's the thought that counts"!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The 12 days of Christmas Wreath

Since I cannot get ready in time for an actual Advent calendar, this seems to be the perfect solution.
This idea comes from the Michaels store it was featured in one of their November workshops.  Using small metal tins and a 12" wooden wreath create a Christmas Wreath Countdown to Christmas.  The basic materials came from Michaels but all papers and most embellishments are CTMH.
I actually made two, one for each of the girls, they loved them.  You can add all sort of great treats not like the waxy tasting chocolate from those other ones.
We started with the number 1 tin this year but it would be easier to actually countdown from 12 to 1...

The first wreath was made using the Jingle papers and the second with Aspen.  Oh! One tip you'll need one small piece of regular tape for each of the tins to keep them closed.  Once the wreath is hanging on the door and the tins are full, they simply do not stay closed.