Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 2 – Saying good bye to Fuchsia and Lime green paint.

I know it’s only paint but come on Fuchsia and Lime green trim, please. I really hope the previous little girl loved her room. As for my little girls she wanted the same room, just like the one from our old home. So, out came the primer and a few hours later the room is now ready to be painted a soft wheat colours. The jungle animals will follow soon.

Tomorrow I’ll say good bye to the Lilac paint in the second bedroom. It’s all about making it your own, right. Home improvements on a tight schedule really suck. We got the ok from the Laywer to start demos at around 4:00pm. We'll be starting with the removing of laminate flooring on the main floor, ceramic tiles in the entrance, not one layer of tiles but two layers….long story. The new floor should go in tomorrow, can’t wait….

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