Saturday, December 6, 2008

Calendar Page ~ December 2008

Wow, one full year is already gone. 2008 was a good year, lots of changes for my family and I and for lots for my friends too! Not all changes were good but for the most part I'd say 2008 will be one of those year we'll remember.

Now that my calendar is almost done, I'll take it down form it's place of honor and add a second page for which month to complete one full year of memories. I decided to keep it simple and work with level 1 "Let's get Together" collection. I don't think all get to it any time soon. But once I'm all set-up in the new home you can bet I'll be working on completing this great keepsake.

It's funny not only is the year almost done but my choice of colour combination is also done, you see I used this paper as an inspiration to paint my Scrapbooking room.

I'm thinking "Emporium" might be my next choice for the new room. Who knows?

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